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    Sunday, May 4, 2008

    Intimacy, Adventure & a Trip to Maryland

    Its always good to take a break from things before the pleasantly regular becomes merely quotidian; so it is with this production blog, whose dearth of updates certainly doesn't bespeak of laziness on our end. Quite the opposite!

    We've begun tiptoeing towards intimacy on this film. Getting a bit further into the private moments between the characters.

    It's strange watching these dramas play out from my vantage point, behind the camera (or rather right next to it). My sympathies for the characters keep bouncing around; no one's right, everyone's wrong. They're doing crazy things and things that don't make sense, and all of the other things that people do to each other. Sometimes you just want to give each of them a hug.

    We've countered all of this with a healthy dose of action and adventure. Horseback riding one day, surfing the next. This is the Joe Swanberg equivalent of an Indiana Jones picture.

    Speaking of Joe, it's been so long since this picture was taken that I don't remember what's happening in it anymore. Whatever it was was obviously memorable.

    We broke for the weekend early. On Thursday, Joe, Barlow and I caught a train down to Baltimore, where we all had films playing at the Maryland Film Festival (Nights and Weekends, Low And Behold and A Catalog Of Anticipations, respectively). It was a fairly relaxing weekend, although I think we were all relatively homesick for Brooklyn the whole time...

    Tomorrow it's back to the shoot. We recently came to the realization that we have more time to shoot this movie than we shot, which is a very great thing indeed. But more on that later.


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