• April 2008
  • PRODUCTION JOURNAL by Joe Swanberg and David Lowery

    Saturday, April 19, 2008

    Playing Catch-Up

    In all honesty, most of the past week has been spent finishing up other projects so that I can start shooting on Monday without a lot of stuff hanging over my head. I always seem to find myself in this position, where I'm starting a new project before I'm even finished with last one. I always tell myself I won't do that the next time, then I always do.

    I had a great conversation with Janet Pierson tonight. I filled her in on all of the drama going on in my life, and she filled me in on all of the excitement going on in hers. She is going to take over the SXSW Film Festival as Matt Dentler heads to NY to start a new job. Janet and I were only able to see each other for a few hours this year, but it was a really special end to the festival for me. I had a strange time in Austin, but Janet drove Jess and I to the airport on our final day and somehow that made a lot of things seem better. Hopefully I can be back there next year to experience the new chapter in the SXSW story. It was really great to connect with her before we both delve into our new projects.

    Jess moves into the apartment in the morning and Tipper is officially in NY, so the party keeps growing. Here's hoping I can put all of that other stuff to bed before we roll camera on Monday.

    p.s. The mural is finished!


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