• April 2008
  • PRODUCTION JOURNAL by Joe Swanberg and David Lowery

    Monday, April 21, 2008

    Day One

    Today we shot the first scene of the shoot, which perhaps coincidentally will probably be the first scene in the movie. This also marked day one of Joe's tank top adventure. He bought this classy number during our shopping expedition the other day, and has committed to wearing it throughout the entire production.

    We cabbed it over to Justin's apartment with the gear, where Joe did some quick tests to make sure that the lighting in the bedroom would work with the visual scheme for the movie...

    ...and I tattooed my hand with reminders to get room tone. There's a reason why I'm not a career crew person, and always forgetting to get room tone is one of them.

    Cut to a few hours later. One scene down. Even though it was a brief shoot, it felt like we'd shot for a full day. It's weird how that works. 'It's weird how that works,' is also a line from the play we've been writing, which Jess and Justin read lines from in this scene. Justin's disinterested line readings were hilarious.

    Everyone hung out while the footage was imported, including newcomer Ti West, who was on hand to take production stills.

    Then we all walked down the street to a Polish deli for lunch. We planned to eat in the park across the street, but by the time everyone had made it through the line, most of us had already finished our food...

    But we all went to the park anyway.

    Now we're back at the apartment, where we're going to have a cast and crew pajama party. Tipper 'Pajama' Newton and Justin have set the ball rolling for what promises to be an all-night musical hootenanny (as I write this, she and Joe are beginning a set of Ice Cream Floats classics). Here's a glimpse of the magic!

    Uh oh. People are starting to pour the Makers Mark now, and Tipper's talking sass. It's gonna be a long night...


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