• April 2008
  • PRODUCTION JOURNAL by Joe Swanberg and David Lowery

    Sunday, April 20, 2008

    Costume Shopping

    You know those scenes in movies where characters go clothes shopping and there's a montage of them bursting out of the dressing room in different outfits and their friends shake their heads no, no, no and then finally yes, and it's all set to some happening pop tune on the soundtrack? That's what yesterday was like, except that the montage lasted all day long and there wasn't really a pop song.

    Justin and Barlow look like little boys being forced to go back-to-school shopping:

    Here's how everyone feels on the inside:

    After spending enough time in a single store, dressing rooms take on a certain redundancy. Why not just change in the aisles?

    This is the most nostalgic shirt ever - I think every kid who's currently in their mid-to-late 20s must have had something like this when they were little, although I don't know if mine had this amazing upside down pocket.

    I bought some great aviators to replace the sunglasses I lost in Marfa, TX about six months ago. Six months without sunglasses! And then this morning I shaved my beard off. Between this addition and subtraction, I think I'm about ready to take this movie head on.


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